We stand together against racism and for equality. We strive to listen and learn with humility, while contributing to real, long-lasting change. We support the organizations and individuals at the forefront of driving social, political and justice reform on both local and national levels.

We aim to promote workplace inclusivity through the implementation of workplace protections for all employees, inclusive and equitable benefits, internal training/education and external engagement with our community. We are proud to have scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to LGBTQ employees, for the past several years making us one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.”

There is important work to be done, and we at J.Crew must be a part of it. We are taking the following actions within our company and our community, and looking forward, we will remain dedicated to holding ourselves accountable, enhancing opportunities and always evolving for a better future.



We will harness the power of open conversation with live discussion forums, where associates can share personal experiences, observations and thoughts around injustice. We will continue engaging associates through company-wide surveys to solicit feedback about ways in which we can do more and do better.

We will expand upon our existing unconscious-bias training with more in-depth workshops, as well as diversity dialogue trainings around topics like inclusion and impacting change. These will be mandatory for all leaders and scaled across the entire company.

We will continue to invest in recruiting, retaining and promoting leaders and talent from communities that include Black and other underrepresented minority groups. As part of this initiative, we will partner with platforms specializing in career advancement opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds. This will help us expand our talent pipeline and grow the network of schools and employers from which we source candidates.

Our pursuit of diversity within our leadership and management teams remains unrelenting. It is our core belief that our company and society will be stronger because of it, and above all, it’s the right thing to do.



We will build upon our support of charities that work for equality such as Black Lives Matter, the Coalition of Communities of Color, the Loveland Foundation, the NAACP, and the ACLU (including the local NAACP and ACLU chapters near our customer care and distribution centers in Lynchburg, Virginia), as well as GLAAD and PFLAG, and work to cultivate meaningful long-term relationships with these organizations.

We believe in the power of voting to enact change, so we joined the Time to Vote coalition and closed all stores, our distribution center and our corporate offices on Election Day 2020 to allow our teams to exercise their right to vote.  

We have taken the Open to All pledge to reinforce our commitment to providing a welcoming environment and distinguish our stores as a safe place for all. Open to All is an innovative and transformative campaign to create a new world where everyone is welcome—regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, immigration status, religion or disability.

We recognize the diversity of our teams, the unique needs of each associate, and their role in the company, so we’ve expanded our list of official holidays to be more inclusive. We have added Juneteenth (celebrated June 19th) to our list of official holidays, to give our associates time to honor the liberation of enslaved people in the United States. We encourage them to use this time for self-reflection and education, and to celebrate this important milestone in our nation’s history. In addition, we have added a floating holiday to allow our associates to honor the day that means the most to them. This day is to be used to celebrate religious holidays, cultural events, etc.


Jopwell is a career advancement platform for Black, Hispanic/Latinx and Native American students and professionals. We are proud to highlight all our open opportunities to the Jopwell community to grow a diverse roster of talent across the entire company.   

We are proud to partner with America Needs You (ANY) to support low-income, first-generation college students. Through associate mentoring programs and events such as career days, our collaboration with ANY supports its mission of fighting for economic mobility, as well as our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We are proud to partner with Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR) to ensure that BIPOC designers are considered for roles on our design teams. Through access to HFR’s network of talented BIPOC fashion professionals, we are creating a more diverse and inclusive company culture.


Connecting with fellow associates is an important part of building relationships and creating a supportive work environment. To promote these relationships, we offer Associate Interest Groups (AIGs) that gather based on common interests. All are welcome and encouraged to join, as well as to form new AIGs that celebrate diverse identities, passions and pastimes.